Please check the web site for updates on the class schedule.  Contact Yueling Zhang at the office of Dr. James Odell at 502-429-8835 to schedule a class you would like to attend.

If any questions, you may email One of Master Ding’s students will return your inquiry as fast as possible.

About Classes

All Classes are multi-level with ongoing enrollment. Mid-Month enrollment will be prorated.

You may audit your first group class free of charge.

No annual contracts or special clothing are required.

Class Rates

$20.00 per class to Drop-In (Adults) at Tom Sawyer Park and other locations.


$40 per month/ 1 class per week (Children under 13)

$75 per month/ 1 class per week (See discount rate below for parents/children studying simultaneously)

$125 per month/ 2 classes per week

$160 per month/ 3 classes per week

A monthly discounted family rate for parents/children studying with Master Ding simultaneously is available at $50 per month for parents and $35 per month for children under 13 (One class per week)

Enrollment fees are due by check or cash at the first class of each month and your Drop-In payment is due when you attend your class.  If you enroll at a monthly rate, missed classes will not be refunded or carried over into another month.

Oriental Body Work


Please contact Yueling Zhang at 502-429-8835 to schedule or inquire about expert Body Work Sessions with Grand Master Ding, a combination of Meridian/Acupressure and Massage therapies…

Master Ding recommends two classes per week with daily self-practice between sessions.


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