The Eight Pieces of Brocade (八段锦)


Ba Duan Jin (八段锦), commonly translated as The Eight Pieces of Brocade, Eight Silken Movements and others, is a 700 year old Qigong practice comprised of eight simple movements that can be conveniently practiced any place or time.

Whether preformed fast or slow, Ba Duan Jin can be easily learned by people of all ages and is especially ideal for Seniors.

Ba Duan Jin was developed during the twelfth century by the famous general, Yueh Fei (who also created the Hsing I internal martial art system), in the Southern Sung Dynasty (AD1177 – 1279) as a way to strengthen the body, balance the vital functions and drive stagnant energy and toxins from the system.

Ba Duan Jin as a whole is broken down into eight separate exercises, each focusing on a different physical area and Qi meridian.

The benefits of Ba Duan Jin are expressed through adjusting breathing to make the process of breathing smoother, unity of mind and Qi (breathing), strengthening muscles and tendons to make the body more flexible and the unison of mind and body. The regular practice of Ba Duan Jin will help bolster your spirits, maintain essence and preserve Qi.

Qigong with Grandmaster Ding brings the energies of Ba Duan Jin to life in the body and mind, and by following the eight healing movements, you will experience the bountiful effects of this practice.


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