The Six Relics (六字訣)


The 6 Relics (六字訣) are often referred to as The 6 Healing Sounds.  The 6 Old Ones, as Grandmaster Ding refers to them, are living ancient energies which come to life in a human being when awakened by this beautiful practice of deep breath, gentle movement, and chanting sounds.

Written description of this practice first appears in “On Caring for the Health of the Mind and Prolonging the Life Span”, (Tao, Hongjing, 420-589).

Each sound is associated with an organ system, and each vibration has an influence over the organ sphere which prompts the release of impurities and the gathering of fresh energy into the field of the organ. Movement of these energies follows the laws of circulation in the meridian system of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The sounds must be felt and sung as drawn out resonant tones, 6 times each, until the energy fields become smooth and the voice and mind run deep and clear.

Qigong with Grandmaster Ding brings the energies of the 6 Old Ones to life in the body and mind, and by chanting in unison with his rich and experienced voice, you will experience the bountiful effects of this practice.


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